Who We Are

At Positive Faith Hope Love, we believe in the trans formative power of holistic living. Nestled in the heart of Norwich, our shop is more than a place—it’s a sanctuary where mind, body, and spirit converge. Let us introduce ourselves:

Our Vision

Our journey began with a vision—to create a haven where ancient wisdom meets modern well-being. We’re not just a shop; we’re a community. Here’s what you’ll find within our sacred walls:

  1. Crystal Alchemy:

    • Explore our curated collection of crystals. From amethyst’s soothing energy to citrine’s abundance vibes, each gem whispers its story.
    • Our crystal experts are here to guide you. Whether you seek clarity, protection, or love, the stones await your touch.
  2. Aromatherapy Bliss:

    • Inhale the magic of our incense and candles. Let their fragrant dance elevate your senses.
    • Discover scents that ground, uplift, and ignite your spirit.
  3. Tarot and Beyond:

    • Our tarot cards hold ancient secrets. Unveil your path, seek guidance, and connect with intuition.
    • But that’s not all—we offer Tarot Readings and Chakra Insights. Let the cards speak; let your soul listen.
  4. Complementary Treatments:

    • Indian Head Massage: Melt away stress, one soothing touch at a time.
    • Hot Stone Therapy: Cradle warmth, release tension.
    • Sound Baths: Immerse in healing frequencies.
    • Crystal Light Therapy: Bask in rainbow hues.

Our Promise

  1. Personalized Care:

    • We’re not just shopkeepers; we’re soul seekers. Your well-being matters. Let us tailor our offerings to your unique journey.
  2. Community Connection:

    • Join our workshops, circles, and events. Share stories, sip herbal tea, and find kindred spirits.
  3. Love in Every Crystal:

    • Each crystal carries love’s imprint. As you hold them, feel the heartbeat of the Earth.

Visit Us

Positive Faith Hope Love is more than a shop—it’s a pilgrimage. Come, explore, and let the crystals whisper their secrets. Our address awaits:

124 Magdalen Street Norwich NR3 1JD.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00PM

Connect with Us: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, for updates, events, and crystal musings.