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Afghanite Sphere 325 grams

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Introducing the Afghanite Sphere from Pakistan – a captivating gemstone that combines rarity, beauty, and metaphysical energy. Crafted from this exquisite mineral, our 325-gram sphere is a true marvel of nature.

Afghanite: A Gemstone Shrouded in Mystery

Afghanite derives its name from its place of discovery: Afghanistan. This semi-precious gemstone is renowned for its deep shades of blue, reminiscent of blue onyx and lapis lazuli. Let’s delve into its fascinating properties:

  • Colour and Appearance:

    • Afghanite typically appears in striking shades of light to dark saturated blue, occasionally bordering on colourless.
    • The gemstones are often speckled with dazzling blue inclusions of lazurite.
    • Its elongated or prismatic crystal structure adds to its allure.
  • Scarcity and Rarity:
    • Afghanite is exceptionally rare, found only in a handful of localities worldwide.
    • Its scarcity and beauty make it highly sought-after by collectors.
  • Metaphysical Energies:
    • Afghanite vibrates at a high frequency, which can be felt immediately upon touch.
    • Its energies primarily activate and align the third eye and crown chakra.
    • For those seeking calm amidst intensity, afghanite provides profound peace.
  • Mineral Data:
    • Chemical Formula: (Na, Ca, K)12-(Si, Al)16O34 (Cl, SO4, CO3)4.H2O
    • Mohs Hardness: 5.5 to 6
    • Color: White, variations of blue, or very pale, almost colorless
    • Transparency: Transparent to opaque
    • Refractive Index: 1.52 to 1.53
    • Density: 2.55 to 2.65
  • Discovery and Origins:
    • Afghanite was discovered in 1968 by R. Giraud, F. Cesbron, and P. Bariand.
    • It can be specifically traced to the Badakhshan region in northeastern Afghanistan.
    • Badakhshan, nestled in the Hindu Kush Mountains, is known for mining lapis lazuli.
  • A Sphere of Tranquillity:
    • Our 325-gram Afghanite Sphere embodies the essence of calm and rarity.
    • Place it in your sacred space, meditation corner, or display it as a collector’s gem.
    • Let its energies resonate with your inner self.


  • Weight: 325 grams

Note: Each Afghanite Sphere is unique, reflecting the beauty of nature’s craftsmanship. Embrace its mystifying allure and connect with the ancient energies it holds.

Discover the enigmatic world of Afghanite – a gemstone that transcends time and space. 🌟

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Afghanite Sphere 325 grams

Regular price £33.90 GBP
Regular price Sale price £33.90 GBP
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