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Amazonite Cut Base 1086g

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Amazonite, also known as amazonstone, is a captivating green gemstone with a rich history and powerful healing properties. Let’s delve into the world of Amazonite:

  1. Origin and Name:

    • Amazonite has ancient roots and has been used for centuries to create statues, amulets, and jewelry.
    • Its name is derived from the Amazon River, the largest river in South America.
    • Sometimes referred to as Pikes Peak or Colorado Jade due to its resemblance to Jade.
  2. Appearance and Composition:

    • Amazonite is a silicate mineral belonging to the potassium feldspar group.
    • Its chemical formula is KAlSi₃O₈.
    • The stone typically exhibits a pale green color, but variations include opaque green, blue-green, yellow-green, and turquoise blue.
    • You can find it in rough granitic rocks or as polished, tumbled stones.
  3. Metaphysical Properties:

    • Energy Filter: Amazonite acts as an excellent energy filter, especially for those exposed to electromagnetic smog from devices like computers, tablets, and microwaves.
    • Chakra Balancing: It harmonizes all chakras, ensuring a balanced flow of energy.
    • Clarity of Mind: Amazonite clears mental clutter, helping you understand yourself and your impact on others.
    • Creativity and Manifestation: Ideal for artistic pursuits, it unlocks creativity and encourages boldness in pursuing dreams.
  4. Quiet Confidence:

    • Amazonite exudes a quiet confidence, akin to jade from the Far East.
    • Throughout history, it has been used to craft protective talismans, warding off negativity and harm.

Embrace the soothing energy and artistic inspiration of Amazonite—a gemstone that bridges ancient wisdom with modern vitality

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Amazonite Cut Base 1086g

Regular price £38.00 GBP
Regular price Sale price £38.00 GBP
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