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African Turquise - Tumble Stone

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African Turquoise, a teal, speckled form of Jasper, is a captivating gemstone with powerful properties. Here’s a concise overview:

  1. Origin and Composition:

    • African Turquoise is technically not turquoise but a form of Jasper, which belongs to the Chalcedony family.
    • Exclusively mined in Africa, it undergoes a chemical treatment process to achieve its greenish-blue hue, resembling traditional turquoise.
    • Each stone is unique, displaying a spectrum of colors from brown to neon green.
  2. Meaning and Properties:

    • The primary African Turquoise meaning is all about evolution and change.
    • It encourages growth, maturity, and the pursuit of possibilities.
    • Rather than settling for the status quo, it pushes you to live grander.
    • Prepare for positive transformations and become the person you’re destined to be.
  3. Healing Properties & Benefits:

    • Emotional Healing: African Turquoise influences every facet of life, from physical well-being to spirituality.
    • Confidence and Strength: It helps handle challenges and fosters confidence.
    • Creativity and New Ideas: Opens the mind to fresh perspectives.
    • Balance and Tranquility: Calms emotions and promotes self-awareness.
  4. Ways To Use It:

    • Wear African Turquoise as jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone.
    • Meditate with it to tap into its transformative energy.
    • Let it guide you toward positive change and personal growth.

Actual item may differ slightly from the image shown. The item is a natural crystal, sizes and weights will vary. 

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African Turquise - Tumble Stone

Regular price £2.99 GBP
Regular price Sale price £2.99 GBP
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