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Mini Morion Smokey Quartz Egg

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 Madagascan Mini Morion Smokey Quartz Egg—a gem that holds the essence of ancient lands and mystical depths:

  1. Origin and Material:

    • Hailing from the rugged terrains of Madagascar, this exquisite egg is carved from morion smokey quartz.
    • Morion quartz, with its deep, enigmatic hue, beckons us to explore the hidden realms within.
  2. Appearance

    • The egg’s surface is polished to a glassy sheen, revealing layers of darkness and light.
  3. Colour Palette:

    • Morion smokey quartz spans a spectrum—from delicate pale smoky tones to the profound depths of pure black.
    • Imagine holding twilight itself—a fusion of earth and shadow.
  4. Internal Secrets:

    • Peer closely, and you’ll encounter captivating internal features:
      • Veils: Wispy patterns that hint at ancient whispers.
      • Rainbow-like Optics: A dance of light within the darkness.
      • Inclusions: Echoes of time and transformation.
  5. Energetic Significance:

    • Protection: Morion quartz guards against negativity, like a sentinel at the crossroads.
    • Grounding: Its weight anchors you to the present, connecting you to the primal pulse of the Earth.
    • New Beginnings: The egg shape symbolizes renewal—a fresh start, a cosmic rebirth.
  6. Placement and Intention:

    • Nestle this mini morion smoky quartz egg on your altar, windowsill, or meditation space.
    • Set intentions for clarity, protection, and metamorphosis.

Remember, within this small vessel lies the wisdom of ages—a portal to the unseen.

Cost is for one crystal. picked at random. 

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Mini Morion Smokey Quartz Egg

Regular price £10.99 GBP
Regular price Sale price £10.99 GBP
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