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Pink Mangano Swan

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Let’s explore the enchanting world of the Pink Mangano Calcite Ghost, a gemstone that merges delicate pink hues with ethereal energy. 🌸👻

Pink Mangano Calcite Ghost Crystal: A Harmonious Blend

Pink Mangano Calcite, also recognized as Manganoan Calcite or Mangano Calcite, belongs to the Calcite family, distinguished by its captivating pink hue. Comprised of calcium carbonate, this variety showcases a distinct baby pink shade, often complemented by white inclusions. 

Metaphysical Significance:

  1. Heart-Centered Energy:

    • Pink Mangano Calcite infuses you with energies of tranquillity and well-being.
    • It bridges the crown chakra to the heart chakra, allowing a flow of healing energy.
    • For healers, it establishes a strong connection with patients, directing the stone’s soothing energies precisely where needed.
  2. Emotional Healing and Compassion:

    • When held during energy work or meditation, Pink Mangano Calcite is soothing and calming.
    • Boosts self-esteem, self-confidence, and compassion toward others.
    • Beneficial for those dealing with emotional trauma or suppressed emotions.
  3. Clearing Energy Channels:

    • Enhances the flow of energies between chakras.
    • Ensures your emotional centre is clear, activating stagnant energies.
    • Facilitates recognition and release of deep-seated emotional patterns.
  4. Angelic Connection and Wholeness:

    • Associated with angels, it carries gentle yet potent energy.
    • Magnifies its healing energies, soothing both physical and emotional realms.
    • Fills your heart with self-love and universal love, offering hope and completeness.
  5. Journey with the Ghost:

    • Imagine cradling the Pink Mangano Calcite Ghost—a spectral guide.
    • Let it whisper tales of love, hope, and transformation.
    • Allow it to be your companion on a metaphysical quest.

Remember, the Pink Mangano Calcite Ghost is not just a stone; it’s a bridge between earthly and celestial realms. 🌸✨

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Pink Mangano Swan

Regular price £22.49 GBP
Regular price Sale price £22.49 GBP
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