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Rough Jasper Specimen 289 grams

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Jasper: Earth’s Timeless Guardian

Jasper, a microcrystalline form of chalcedony, resonates with the primal self. Its warm, harmonious energy connects us to the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies, inviting us to be present in our physical bodies and attuned to the natural world. Let’s explore the remarkable features of this remarkable stone:

1. Supreme Nurturer

  • Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper provides comfort, stability, and healing. It balances the aura, reminding us that our purpose extends beyond self—our joy and substance ripple outward to others.
  • Historically revered by shamans, priests, and kings, Jasper was considered sacred and protective. It adorned amulets, cylinder seals, and talismans, ensuring safe passage in both the physical and spiritual realms.

2. Earthy Tones and Banding

  • Jasper’s dense, opaque structure reveals a rich palette of deep earthy tones: reds, yellows, browns, greens, and sometimes blues or purples.
  • Its unique banding, inclusions, and circular patterns create a visual tapestry—a testament to the Creator’s artistry.

3. Metaphysical Properties

  • Strength and Courage: Jasper fortifies our inner resolve, helping us face challenges with resilience.
  • Creativity and Imagination: It sparks ideas into action, making it ideal for those seeking focus, organization, and motivation.
  • Grounding and Stability: Jasper’s root chakra connection keeps us centred, even in turbulent times.

4. Healing Energies

  • Physical Restoration: Jasper supports tissue health in internal organs—kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and stomach.
  • Emotional Balance: It absorbs negativity, clears pollution (including radiation), and fosters tranquillity.

Embrace Jasper’s Wisdom

This Rough Jasper Specimen (289 grams) is a tangible link to Earth’s ancient wisdom. Whether you display it as a natural work of art or explore its lapidary potential for cabochons, carvings, or spheres, Jasper invites you to ground, heal, and celebrate life’s primal rhythms.


  • Weight: 289 grams
  • Colour: Multi-coloured, with dots and bull’s eyes
  • Hardness: Comparable to quartz (Mohs hardness of 7)

Note: Each specimen is unique; variations in colour and pattern are natural. 🌿

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Rough Jasper Specimen 289 grams

Regular price £12.00 GBP
Regular price Sale price £12.00 GBP
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