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Rough Purpurite 205 grams

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Purpurite Natural Rough Specimen (RARE)

This lovely large and rare Purpurite cobbed rough piece hails from Erongo, Namibia. With its fantastic bright purple hue and excellent chatoyancy, it’s a true gem for mineral collectors!

  • Weight: Approximately 117g.

Geological Insights: Purpurite is a manganese iron phosphate mineral, its name derived from the Latin word “purpura,” meaning purple. It exhibits colours ranging from brownish black to vibrant purple, violet, and dark red. The finest specimens are found in Namibia. Unlike forming crystals, Purpurite occurs as a beautifully metallic chatoyancy in veins and along fracture plains.

Crystal Healing Properties:

  • Physical Healing Keywords: Digestive System, Nutrient Absorption; Immune System, Burns, Wounds, Bruises; Circulatory System, Blood Pressure, Heart, Blood; Nervous System, Brain.
  • Metaphysical Keywords: Communication, Violet Flame Energy, Purification, Initiation, Freedom, Insight, Truth, Power, Sovereignty, Intuition, Psychic Abilities.

Purpurite embodies the violet flame energy, making it highly spiritual. Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Psychic Protection: Cleanses your auric field, keeping it free of negative attachments.
  • Ascension Tool: Attunes you to higher energies by opening and connecting the Third Eye and Crown chakras.
  • Soul Star Connection: Links the Soul Star (Higher Crown) chakra to the Root chakra.
  • Intuition and Angelic Realm: Raises intuition and connects you to angelic energies.
  • Emotional Clarity: Helps process emotions with ease.
  • Release and Transformation: Supports letting go of old patterns and aligning with your soul’s journey.
  • Graceful Earthly Presence: Encourages using wisdom to help others grow.

Whether you’re a collector or seeking spiritual growth, this Purpurite specimen is a rare find indeed! 🌟

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Rough Purpurite 205 grams

Regular price £30.00 GBP
Regular price Sale price £30.00 GBP
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