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Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower 1652grams

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Introducing the Enigmatic Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower

Are you ready to embark on a journey of mystery and transformation? Look no further than the Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower—a mesmerizing gemstone that defies convention. Let’s delve into the depths of this extraordinary crystal and uncover its hidden wonders.

Origins and Appearance

  • Madagascar’s Gift: Hailing from the mystical island of Madagascar, this exceptional tower holds secrets whispered by ancient winds. Its deep blue-green hue evokes the lush forests and pristine waters of this enchanted land.
  • Brecciated Matrix: The Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower emerges from a matrix that resembles brecciated quartz or granite. Its base ranges from white to smoky, creating a captivating contrast against the vivid blue spots.

Metaphysical Properties

  1. Grounding and Stability: Like the roots of ancient trees, this tower anchors you to the present moment. It provides stability during life’s storms, allowing you to stand tall and resilient.
  1. Protection and Transformation: The blue spinel spots symbolize protection and adaptability. Let them guide you through transitions, encouraging growth and inner strength.
  1. Communication and Intuition: Tap into the tower’s energy to enhance communication skills and intuitive insights. It’s a conduit for connecting with higher realms.

Physical Attributes

  • Weight: A substantial 1659 grams, making it a powerful presence in any space.
  • Height: As a tall tower, it stands regally, inviting you to explore its depths.
  • Texture: Smooth and polished, with intricate blue spots dotting its surface.

How to Use Your Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower

  • Meditation: Hold it during meditation to access ancient wisdom and align your chakras.
  • Décor: Place it as a centrepiece in your sacred space, inviting its protective energies.
  • Energy Work: Use it during energy healing sessions or as a focal point for intention-setting.

Embrace the magic of the Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower—a bridge between Earth and spirit, waiting to empower your journey. 🌟

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Tall Blue Spotted Spinel Tower 1652grams

Regular price £163.00 GBP
Regular price Sale price £163.00 GBP
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