Collection: Polished Labradorite Slice

Polished Labradorite Slice

Discover the enchantment of our Polished Labradorite Slice—a mesmerizing gem that bridges the gap between Earth and the ethereal. Let me weave a tale of iridescence and wonder:

  1. Origin: These slices are sourced from the heart of the Earth, where ancient forces shaped them over eons. Each piece hails from the rugged mines of Madagascar, a land steeped in mysticism.

  2. Iridescent Dance: Imagine holding a slice that shimmers with hues of blue, green, and yellow. Labradorite’s play of colours, known as labradorescence, is like catching glimpses of the Northern Lights trapped within stone.

  3. Half Polished: One side of the slice has been meticulously polished to reveal the full glory of its iridescence. The other side remains raw, showcasing the rugged texture and natural character of the mineral.

  4. Size and Shape: Our Labradorite Slices vary in size, Its irregular shape adds to its uniqueness—no two slices are identical.

  5. Metaphysical Properties: Labradorite is more than a mere mineral; it’s a talisman of transformation. It awakens intuition, shields against negativity, and connects you to higher realms. Keep it close during meditation or wear it as a pendant for a touch of magic.

  6. Versatile Décor: Place it on your altar, windowsill, or coffee table. The iridescent flashes will captivate your gaze, inviting contemplation and wonder.

  7. Jewellery Crafting: If you’re a jewellery enthusiast, consider incorporating this slice into your designs. Imagine a pendant, a statement ring, or even a pair of earrings—the possibilities are as boundless as the colours within.

Add a slice of Labradorite’s mystical allure to your life. Whether you’re a crystal collector, a seeker of energy, or someone who appreciates the Earth’s hidden treasures, this polished slice awaits you.

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